Cell Phone and Personal Listening Device Policy – FYI

Cell Phone and Personal Listening Device Policy

Cell phones are allowed at Blue Mountain Academy for your convenience.

  1. No phone is to be heard or used in classrooms (unless permitted by the teacher), meetings, programs or worship.
  2. Texting is allowed in public areas (even in the Ad Building), but not in classrooms, meetings, programs or worship.
  3. Students must register their phone with their respective deans. This would include the phone number and serial number.
  4. Cell phone usage in the dorms must follow guidelines in the dorm handbooks.

There is a wide variety of music available and a very broad spectrum of values as to what is right and what is wrong in the realm of music. While it is not our desire as a staff to make these value decisions for you as a student, it is our desire to influence you toward Christian values in making music choices. We do recognize that there is music that is totally unacceptable on our campus. Blue Mountain Academy exists to promote a relationship with Jesus Christ and we will not allow inappropriate music, such as, but not limited to – music that includes an anti-Christian message, music that includes a message that is pornographic in nature, or music that includes inappropriate words (misusing God’s name, other forms of swearing, etc.) With such a broad spectrum of music from which to choose,  we expect that you will not include these types on your play lists.

Personal listening devices may be used in these areas (headphones/earpieces required)

  • Library
  • One mile walk (please be aware of oncoming traffic)
  • Pond loop (NOT on runway)
  • Rec.
  • Homeleave transportation
  • Tours (May only be used with the permission of the sponsor.)
  • Dorm rooms (If sound is retained in the room, headphones/earpieces do not need to be used.)

They may NOT be used in these areas:

  • Any classes, meetings or programs associated with the school – both on and off campus.
  • Any area not on the approved list above
  • Hallways
  • Vocational Education Class/Lab

Staff members may confiscate devices and earpieces/headphones if seen or used in undesignated areas or times. The devices will be given to the Principal or dean. Failure of the student to follow staff member’s request may require a disciplinary action.

I agree to abide by the above policy.

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Policy revised August 17, 2015. BMA reserves the right to amend the above policy as needed.